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Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby

A pack and play can prove to be an excellent alternative for cribs. Among others, its portability is one of the many things that make it a preferred choice amongst moms. Nonetheless, in spite of their many benefits, there are still many parents who are doubtful if they should have one. These doubts, more often than not, comes from the assertion that it may lack stability and can collapse at any given time, and hence, sacrificing the safety of your child. However, if you only take time to evaluate the choices that you have, you will end up with a choice that you will not regret. In this case, in spite of the numerous alternatives, the safest play and pack that is available in the market today is the Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Playard. Read more…

event manager

So, if you are someone who has interest in event planning or have developed interest in it then it is quite possible that you are intrigued by the qualities of a successful events planner. This is a rather common question and people are craving to find the answer to this question. In amidst of existent scenario, there is a general trend of different opinions coming from multiple people. Everyone has his own say in the process. There are different logic and reasons for their opinions in this matter. But, regardless of whatever happens in the process – everyone is still interested to know the right set of qualities that make a successful event planner.

Keeping in mind the opinion coming from different expert people, we have made a list of qualities that make a successful events planner. Read more…


Event management is a great experience and it allows you to learn a lot. Dealing with multiple problems and figuring out their solution at runtime is something that enhances the adrenaline rush. Moreover, it also gives a better and unique perspective of things around you. However, this is something that should be taken professionally. This is because of the reason that a lot of parties are at stake because of this. It might include the company on behalf of which you are managing the event and the also the party whose event is being managed. In either case, it is important that you get everything right.

In this regard, it is important that you know all the relevant basics about the event management process. Read more…

Regardless of the event’s intensity, you cannot negate the fact that internet offers a lot of potential to market it effectively. In this age of technology, it serves as of the most result oriented tools to capture the market’s eye and communicate the word. One of the advantages of advertising the events on the web is that the process is way cheaper than the conventional means of advertising and marketing. This factor should not make you believe that the results produced in this way are not as effective as the conventional means of advertising. The advertising activity on the internet has shown that a superb level of marketing can be achieved via this channel of capturing the potential audience of people.

Considering the fact that a tangible outcome can be clinched as a consequence of advertising on the web, we have devised a list of things that you can do in order to advertise your event on the web.

A few of many steps are:

  1. Create an Event of Facebook


Facebook can help a lot in getting the attention of the audience you are trying to capture. It allows to connect with people at a more personal level as compared to the official invitations. If used effectively, it is one of the best advertising tools on the web.

  1. Go for the official Twitter Hashtag


For mini-blogging, Twitter is extremely efficient. To advertise your event, you would want to choose a unique and interesting hashtag for your event and make it viral. Use different stories to create a hype of the event. You can even go for multiple images and videos that support your event.

  1. Use the Ads

This is definitely a great way to market the event. It allows you to set the platforms where you want to advertise the event. These are mostly the websites that have a huge traffic of visitor who might be interested in your event. In this regard, you can purchase the ads from Adnear.

  1. Use LinkedIn to Invite Speakers and High Profile People

This is a great way to increase the value of the event. People get attracted by famous people and important personalities. They are always seeking to have some value from the event they are attending and one of the best ways to get that value from speakers and high profile people.

  1. Make Use of Flickr

Creating a photo set on this platform is one of the best ways to advertise your event on the web. You can create a story representing your event and share anything that you think is interesting for the audience.

  1. Use Pinterest


Creating a board on Pinterest to exhibit your event in a better manner. This is one of the most effective methods of marketing via web because it allows you to share relevant things via pinning them on the board. In this regard, it is advised that you share things like the theme of the event, the guests, the speakers and other relevant details. Moreover, you might want to ask people to share their opinions about the event and pin their ideas to your board. This creates more engagement.

  1. Get the Ads on Facebook

This is one of those techniques that have a huge potential of making any event a success. It allows you to choose a very specific audience for your event and advertise the event to them. Having the opportunity to be very specific about the audience makes your search and target audience very specific. This in return, helps to produce a better outcome for the event.

  1. Do not forget to create an Event on Google Plus

Having over 300 million active users, Google plus offers a great platform to market the event. It allows various features so that you can present your event in a nice manner. Having a large audience of active users, it is only fair to make this event public there.

  1. Put the speakers in a list made on Twitter

This step makes it easier for the speakers to stay in touch and keep updated with the event. Being in the list, their activity also updates the people who are following them. Sometimes a large number of people are following the speakers and this increases the reach of the event, the result comes out in the form of event’s popularity.

What are the main constituents of event planning?

This is a common question that most people ask. Keeping in mind the need of answering this question, we have devised an event planning guide that aims at giving an overview about the fundamental steps that you will need to follow in order to plan an event. Note that this guide does not encompass all the minor details. However, it is enough to get you started with the process.

In this regard, we have broken down the process into 10 main steps that you can follow.

  1. Know the objectives and goal

For any event, it is really important that you are fully aware of the objectives and goals. You have to know this because it gives you a starting point to get the process initiated. Moreover, it also puts you in a better state to have a logical insight about the event.

  1. Develop a Team


To pull off a successful event, it is really important that you develop a team for the process. Behind every successful event, there is a well-organized team with each person assigned a proper duty. In this regard, you might want to set up a team for the following domains.

  1. Speakers
  2. Entertainment
  3. Venue Management
  4. Volunteers
  5. Sponsors
  6. Publicity
  1. Select a Date

The date is to be set for the event. There should be enough time for you to manage the event. Considering the intensity of the event, give yourself enough time for the management each and everything associated to the project. In this regard, keep the following things in mind.

  1. Make enough room for yourself in terms of time
  2. Have a track of holidays (the non-working days)
  3. Set the dates which are most suitable to the target audience
  1. Focus on the Branding

For the maximum efficiency in terms of marketing, you have to develop a very strong brand for the event. Make sure that your target audience knows about the event in the best possible manner. Define competitor events and do something to stand out.

In this regard, you should do the following:

  1. Brainstorm names that suit the event
  2. Have an interesting tagline
  3. Make sure that the logo is designed
  1. Spend time in devising a master plan

It is really important that you list down each and everything. This is to be done in order to write the master plan. For the complete execution of the event, this plan will be consulted.

An overview of things that you should consider while writing the master plan are:

  1. Logistics, venue and management
  2. Presenters and anyone else coming
  3. Marketing
  4. Contents of the event
  5. Registrations
  6. Sponsors
  7. Volunteers
  1. Keep an eye on the administrative process!

It is really important that you know about each and everything associated with the event. This is called keeping track of the administrative processes. So, ensure that you have an established state considering this.

  1. List the sponsors and potential partnerships

For the successful execution of an event, it is really important that you partner with different organizations. Moreover, getting sponsors to fund your event also sounds like a really nice idea. This is something that promotes your event by multiple folds.

In this regard, you have to do the following:

  1. Look for corporate sponsors. These are the bodies which fund your event to a partial extent. Moreover, there are organizations who fund in forms other than cash. For example, they might sponsor food, furniture, space etc.
  2. Find the community organizations where both of you would be working with each other to achieve a goal. This way both of you would be benefitting each other.
  1. Do not forget the publicity plan

For every event, it is very important that you market it in the best possible manner. Publicity forms a crucial portion of the event planning. No matter how good your event is, you cannot expect to make it successful without proper publicity and marketing.

  1. Budget

This is a really important portion of the whole event planning process. It envisages that you optimize between the quality of the event and budget, keeping in mind that you have to deliver value to the customers and make profit for yourself at the same time.

  1. Know the Evaluation Process

At the end of the event you should be able to measure your success. This is known as the evaluation process. While defining the objectives, it is important that you propose goals which can be measured. At the end of the event, these objectives are set in front of ourselves and compared with the actual outcomes. This gives the success of the event. So, in the best possible way there should be measureable objectives set forth by us and then there should be proper procedure to measure them.

Considering the business events, you cannot ignore the fact that there are a bundle of details to be followed. Being an extremely detailed process, it needs a really good eye and planned thought process. Moreover, all the results produced in this regard are directly going to affect the reputation and image of your company. Thus, it is really important that any business event is organized in a very appropriate manner.

In the scenario of business events that turn out to be lesser than the expectations, the results are not worth it. It affects the company’s reputation in a negative manner and proffers a chance to the event insurance policies to jump in and take action. This is something that happens when the business events go really chaotic and unprofessional. In this regard, the guests might be forced to keep standing due to the dearth of chairs or the shortage of food might occur.

However, it is quite possible that all of these situations are avoided. It can be done by virtue of proper planning, logical though process, creativity and innovation in this matter. Moreover, if everything is done right then the planned business event is going to be a huge success. It is going to increase your reputation in the market. As a result, people like investors and clients will be more than willing to work with you and your company.

But, the big question is; how to organize a successful business event?

Yes, this is a valid question and keeping in mind the utmost need of answering question – we have compiled a list of few steps that you can follow in order to execute a successful business event.

  1. Always figure or the Event’s Purpose!

This is the most indispensable step of them all. You have to know that purpose of the event. It should be clear that why is the event being held? You should know that is it based on the concept of creating awareness about some product or it aims at gathering a lot of people. One of the most important things in this matter is to know about your target audience. It helps you prepare really well for the event itself. Moreover, it also eradicates the confusions that you might have regarding the event. So, in order to make the event successful – you have to keep all these things in mind. This will ensure that the event is planned in the best possible manner. On top of that, you would move really close to a business model that is viable.

  1. Create a List

For event management, it is important that you keep a list for yourself. This is primarily due to the reason that there are bundle of things to take care of and you can just not hope to memorize them all. Thus, listing down the tasks to be done is a really fine step to carry out a successful business event. You cannot negate the fact that the list of things to do is pretty long and you do want an effective system to keep a track of them all.

  1. Keep a track of the budget

This is very important to execute a successful business event. You and your company would not want to face loss after conducting an event. At the same time you have to make sure that company does not lose its reputation by organizing a low quality event just to save some bucks. These two things have to be optimized in the best possible manner for the notion of being successful.

  1. Market the event!

Sometimes, in amidst of organizing the event you forget about marketing it and as a result you do not get a worthy response in this matter. Thus, marketing is something that forms a crucial form of the event planning process. Particularly, in case of business events and ensuring their success – it is important that you do enough marketing. In this regard, use all the possible means like social media etc.

  1. Have a plan for the worst

There is always a chance that the event might go wrong. In such a case, it is important that you are prepared for it. In proper terms, it is called having a contingency plan. It ensures that in case of any mishap, you have a way out.