Back in the olden days, when you need to send a large file, you will have few choices on how it can be done, and it will most probably take you a long time before the transfer can be completed. Today, however, there are numerous options on how it can be done. There are many file sharing services that are available online, each with the promise of providing you with the best. File sharing services are considered to be tools that are invaluable for a business because of the many benefits that they can offer. Whether it is audio, video, presentations, or business documents, among others, file sharing services will surely make things a lot easier.

Benefits of Online File Sharing Services

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Rather than using backup tapes and external hard drives in storing and sharing information, you can consider file sharing services. The latter can be budget-friendly alternatives. There are many that are free while most that are premium or paid versions are usually available at reasonable prices.
  • Security: Storing information on the cloud is generally regarded as a secured way to keep information, especially those that are confidential in nature. This, however, will only be the case if you opt to pick a reliable option for file sharing services. Generally speaking, they will offer encryption and authentication features to be sure that only authorized users will gain access to information shared over the system.
  • Send Large Files: If you have large files, you will have a hard time sending it as an email attachment. With such, online file haring services offer the perfect solution as such will allow you to send files that could be as large as 2 gigabytes. You can upload larger files, send the link to the recipient, and they can already have access to such.
  • User-Friendly: Again, this will depend on the specific choice that will be made for file sharing services. Generally speaking, however, the learning curve will be minimal. Users can be easily trained on how online file sharing works. For businesses, there is no more need to invest in rigorous training.
  • Accessibility: Through online file sharing services, several users can have simultaneous access to information that is being shared. More often than not, they will be available in different browsers and can be accessed even through mobile gadgets. This will increase availability of data and will make it easily available for different users.

Different Choices for File Sharing Services

In this part, we will have a quick roundup of some of the top choices for the best online file sharing services and a look at some of their features. This will help you to determine which one is best for your requirements.

  • HighTail: Many users have ranked this as the best amongst the online file sharing services that are available. Among others, it is known for offering unlimited storage and bandwidth. Although customer support through phone is unavailable round-the-clock, such is not too much of a problem. Formerly called YouSendIt, it makes it almost effortless to share and collaborate files.
  • Box: The comprehensive list of features of this file sharing service includes up to 2TB bandwidth per month for each account and it offers unlimited storage. However, it should be noted that the maximum file size that can be shared through Box is only 5GB, which is a bit smaller compared to what other options can offer.
  • Egnyte: One of the best things about this option is that it offers unlimited file versioning, allowing you to restore your files at any given point. In terms of security, it is also worth noting that it is offering end-to-end encryption, which will provide you with the assurance that data will be secured in the cloud and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Dropbox: There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular choices for online file sharing. It can be integrated with more than 100,000 apps, allowing it to offer unmatched versatility. One problem that has been reported by some, however, is that it does not offer unlimited bandwidth.
  • ShareFile: The name itself make sit already obvious what it can do. It allows users to enjoy unlimited file versioning. However, its maximum bandwidth is only at 20GB per month, which is one of the lowest among other file sharing services that are available. It will allow you to use an email plugin, which will eliminate the need to create traditional attachments to an email.
  • Keep2share : This one is the best paid file sharing services at the moment , You get 20 Gb traffic for downloading each day , since the bandwith cost increased most filehost do not offer unlimited traffic . You can buy premium keep2share via resellers which offer paypal payment .

Online file sharing services can deliver a wealth of benefits. Nonetheless, as it has been noted, these benefits can only be reaped if you make the right choice. Regardless of how overwhelming the possibilities can prove to be, such should never be taken as an excuse to be reckless in making a choice.